It is a smooth rook face area and it is on the right side of the Pre de Bard glacier basin, opposite the refuge.
The big rock structure makes it possible the development of lot plate itineraries on excellent and solid rook. Alex BUSCA and. Nicola Pittino equipped it in 1998-1999.
Every routes and stops are equipped in stainless spit. Stops are between 25 ms and 30 meters. It is recommended to use a single rope of 60meters.
From the Arnouva resort you should follow the way to Elena�s refuge: just before diverting on the left in Pre de Bard glacier direction, you reach the bridge on the torrent Dora and following the indications on your left you get to the face base (it takes 45 minutes from the resort to the start of the climb.

1- "Ryobi" 215m - difficulty 5a (4c compulsory)
2- "Bierfest" 200m - difficulty 4a (4a compulsory)
3- "Spitnik" 160m - difficulty 5c (5c compulsory)
4- "Ligne Blanche " 160m - difficulty 6b (5c compulsory)
5- "Pilastro della Metamorfosi" 170m - difficulty 5c (5c compulsory)
*texts are taken from the pubblication of " Centro Addestramento Alpino, Reparto Addestramento - Sezione Sci Alpinistica".