The Story

The name of the refuge could bring a regal figure to one's mind, but its story is band up with a young shepherdes.

The little girl lived with her father in Pre de Bard alp; she didn't know anything about the richnesses of the court but she owned the twinkling of the stars and the silvery light of the moon, capable of transforming ice into something precious.

Days went by with playing and effort of the mountain's work but this pace was interrupted by a sudden indisposition with affected the girl: a stomach ache constrained her into bed and it led her in few time to death.

Everything dimed: the peaks lost their clearness, the dew on the grass gare the morning light no more. Actually nothing in the valley had changed: they were the shepherd's eyes wich were dimed with tears. He left the alp but before leaving he didn't name the hut, which had given him shelter, after a queen but after the princess of his hearth.

To Elena, his little girl.