Elena's refuge offers a complete menu with typical revised dishes and exclusive recipes. Pizzoccheri are introduced in the atmosphere of the Valle d'Aosta which gives them the distinctive fontina's cheese flavour and lightness which is unusual for the typical Trento's dish. The humbleness of chestnuts is overcome by the refinement of the just sliced lard.

The "sraw" flavor of the roe deer is strengthened and contrasted by sweet-bitter one of ribes, carrying the taste in a sensations whirl which wane in the homemade pasta. Fontina cheese, ripe toma cheese and toma cheese spiced with juniper and red pepper are no more simple "typical products" because they assume a strong entity trough a delicious onion's jam (whose recipe is secret)

Everything can be accompanied with fine wines: managers will help you to choose the best among more than thirty wines. "Blanc di Morgex e la Salle", "Nero d'Avola", "Brunello di Montalicino", "Barbera d'Alba", "Duca degli Abruzzi", "Barbaresco": refined selection that will make you travel through our peninsula's regions.

For beer's appreciators there is homemade one from Belgium, which can underline every moment of meal: the blond one is perfect with starters; double malt one to enhance the homemade pasta taste; double malt "special fermentation" one for the strongest flavor.