It is the trips to the last available for the mountaineers engaged in climbing of Mont Dolan from the Italian side. This trip is recommended to expert excursionists.
It starts near the glacier�s moraine, you turn into the path to little Col Ferret and following the indication: there are 600 meter of difference of altitude that, cause of the high inclination of the path�s trace, will be done in few time. Once on the Col Ferret, the sheep-track softens; without considering the branch which takes to T�te de Ferret (being on your right), you should go on following the indications.
Because of the inclination and the composition of the substratum, it is recommended to collect news on the path little Col Ferret before going along it.
Drop: 674meters
Difficulty: EE
Climbing time: 2hs/2hs30