It is the classic path with take to Switzerland, walked by thousand people during the Mont Blanc Tour every year.
The trip starts from the refuge and, apart from the first meters of a high inclination; the path has no difficulties for about 500 meters, and arrives to Col Ferret.
The Swiss border is a good observation post, but if you want to walk some more then you will enjoy a stunning panorama.
T�te de Ferret is on the east side (on you left if you have your back turned in the direction of Italy): the top of T�te de Ferret offers an exceptional view on Pr� de Bard glacier, on Swiss Val Ferret and on the whole alpine chain of the Valle d�Aosta.
For the return trip we recommend to follow the climbing way.
Drop: 652m
Difficulty: E
Climbing time: 1h30/2h